Andrzej Damięcki

I was born in 1938. In 1962 I completed my artistic studies at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Painting Dept. After graduating I co-operated with Polish publishing houses as a children’s books cover designer and illustrator. During the 70s of the XXth century I was especially active as a children’s books illustrator and was participating in many exhibitions of that branch.

At the same time I created many colour lithography pictures, as well as easel works of art. I was a staff graphic artist at several Polish weeklies, responsible for their layouts. Eight years ago I decided to devote myself entirely to the easel painting. Since then my works have been on show at several art exhibitions.

Andrzej Damięcki

Reflections of a Collector

Decades ago I encountered a strange creature. A figure, struggling to suport his great head with small, frail hands, thinking so intensely that his body had become part of the desk. But looking at the forehead, a shadow of his thoughts was barely visible. Visible as an undecipherable inscription only, resembling rather a thread unraveled from an old sweater, than a text. A hieroglyph. Despair, apparent on the face of the sufferer being accompanied by anxiously clasped toes.

„My twin!” – I thought, and recognized the figure from the lithograph as my brother. Ever since I realized I am not alone in striving to formulate my own thoughts, I have been a cheerful man.


Through the studio window, ancient, majestic oak trees watch the artist. Their loyal company demands to be thanked. This is how the work „Miedzeszyn Landscape” came to be. „Magnificence”, thought the artist, „could not be captured… only echoed.” He waited with his camera for the fog which softens the house and its surroundings, taking back the sky’s power of perspective and returning it to the trees. The branches entwine, forming in the center a vaulted nave. We cannot see the artist, but he is surely there. He is invisible, because of being absorbed.


After forty-something years with my twin brother „The Thinker”, we welcomed into our home a new painting, which we called „Meadow”. This is not actually the view of any specific meadow, but at the same time it is not a generalization. It is a portrait of the joy of painting. The colors play of their own accord, without the intent of describing specific flowers or grass. Shades form themselves into wanton bands. First, at the bottom, a strong red (like wild poppies) prevails, and then yellow (like marsh marigolds) takes over the top. The yellow of the rising field pales, fades, and makes way for various shades of blue (once cornflowers, wayside chicory, and forget-me-nots). Everything flows smoothly and happily, celebrating in the music of the spheres.

Music of that kind, it is known, is reserved for the sky, but the sky is beyond the meadow, in the back, and it knows nothing of our frolics.


These three images cannot be seen in the e-gallery of Andrzej Damiecki because they live in our house. We would love to have most of Andrzej’s works in this e-gallery in our home immediately. Alas, fate has assigned us to the group of underpaid intellectuals. We must be satisfied with our treasures and allow others to enjoy these works in their homes.

Krzysztof Biskupski

Otrębusy, Poland

Maija and Krzysztof Biskupski visiting the exhibition „News 2014” in Warsaw